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I'm new to the community!

hi! im new to the community. i just recently started using the cards. i use brian froud's faerie oracle deck.

i did my *first* reading.
first i had to choose the card that appealed to me the most.
~*I chose 16) The Bright Mother
-i interpretted this to mean love, together, compassion, warmth, and have more respect for each other (in a relationship)
**{there was more to it, but a lot of it is repeative, and thats the basic idea}

2nd i had to choose the card that appealed to be the least.
~*I chose 55) The Soul Shrinker
-i interpretted is this to mean fear, unknown fear, cold, overpowering,and lonely

3rd i had to lay ALL of the cards facedown and let the God and Goddess guide me to choose a card.
i chose 2)ekstasis
-i interpreted this to mean uplifting, rebirth, peaceful, spiritual, good change.

card one tells me what i want the most (at that time) and what i want to acheive.
--the thing i decided that the card directed that i want the most right now is i want to have closer more intimate relationship with my boyfriend -mentally, spiritually, and physically (yeah it sounds corny). but we both love each other very much. and its genuine. well i have "intimacy problems" (even with my normal friends) but i still have trouble opening up to him. (im better about it but--) and we havent had sex either

card 2 tells us what is hindering me from acheiving card 1.
my desire. to be closer to the man i love. my hinderance. fear. an unknown fear.
i still have a hard time trying to tell him whats wrong. im better about it then i was. but im still scared what he'll think or what he'll say. (ie he has never yelled at me or scolded me or thought ill of me for any problem ive EVER had-quite the opposite, he's supportive of me) and we havent had sex, but recently we *tried*. okay, im a virgin (he's not). but i just couldnt i got scared. no reason. i mean i REALLY wanted to, but i started shaking. and i wasnt even afraid of the pain. i was just plain scared.

card 3 tells us what I can do to over come card 2 to acheive card 1.
i have been having trouble drawing and havent been myself in general for a few years now. but recently things are starting to shift themselves for me to start drawing again. and dream, and etc...
im not all the way there, but once i am *reborn* and begin drawing again, it may be easier to give my whole self to someone else. bc thats what i do with the pencil and paper.(that sounds kind of hokey but...)

so thats my first interp.
thoughts, advice, ideas all welcome! *^-^*
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