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I'm a divination fool

I have been reading cards for about 10 years and I have been collecting decks just as long.   I am new to the community and to live journal in general but I love discussing readings and cards.

These are the decks I own.
The Universal Wight( which is just a more colorful version of the Rider Wight deck)
The Osho Zen Tarot
The Oracle of the Dreamtime
The Phoenix Cards
The Goddess Oracle (Isis is missing though)
The Shapeshifter Tarot
The Fairyring Oracle
The Faerie Oracle by Brian Froud (my favorite)
The New Age Tarot (my first deck)

I have owned but lost
The Druid Animal Oracle
The Inner Child Cards
The Dreampower Tarot

I have owned but given away
The Lovers Tarot
The Medicine Woman Tarot
The Gill Tarot
The Alice in Wonderland Tarot
The Celtic Tarot
The Animalspeak Tarot

I also enjoy dream interpretation (although I haven't successfully kept a dream journal in a couple of years), and the i ching, I would like to get into rune reading as well at some point but I'm waiting to get ahold of "The Runes of Elfland" by Brian Froud before I get too far into that.
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