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First Reading...

I did a past/present/future reading with the tarot last night. I got very interesting and accurate results, too.

Past ~ Six of Swords
Present ~ Empress (also interesting because it links with Taurus and I am Taurean)
Future ~ Knight of Swords

Lots of Swords these days, but luckily both of those cards are fairly positive. I don't usually like Swords much!

I also did a Sacred Path Cards reading for past/present/future but it wasn't incredibly accurate. My SP cards don't really like doing PPF, but the most interesting thing about the reading was the numbers.

Past ~ Fire Medicine (30)
Present ~ Storyteller (29)
Future ~ Medicine Bundle (28)

And those were picked from a fan of very well shuffled cards.. weird!

I'd expand more but I have to go and get ready to meet a friend right now...

~** Jess
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