Little Shaman (littleshaman) wrote in zephyr_ocean,
Little Shaman

Runecast- 11/10/03

I had my boyfriend give me a rune reading the night before we came back from vacation. It was a simple spread, I'm assuming a very common one. I wouldn't know for sure, though...I know next to nothing about runes. my question was regarding my spiritual growth and what I needed most to keep it moving...and smoothly. I had a really bad time a few months ago, and I decided the best course of action was to poin-blank ask for guidance on how to keep it from happening again.


The first rune I placed was closest to me. It is the base of the reading. This was Ansuz. The meaning Mark gave me was Wisdom and Intellect. It is correlated directly with Odin.

The second rune is placed above and to the left of the first (we're forming a clockwise diamond shape with a center rune) This second rune represents obstacles, and was Berkana/Beth It's the feminine/birth rune. Deals with intuition. I've yet to decide if this is an indication that intuition is still bloacked, or if it's suggesting that I might be attempting to rely to heavily on the non-physical.

Third rune; forces working for me-Gebo. Meaning; gift or joining. Mark's suggestion (sounds reasonable) is a meeting of male (ansuz) and female (berkana) will bring much-needed balance.

Fourth rune; immediate outcome- Swilio. Meaning; Sun, high attainment. A feminine rune.

Fifth rune; long term outcome- ehwaz; partnership. Seems to echo gebo.

Seems I need to learn balance, I guess. Now, if only I could make it happen...If anyone has any more in-depth interpretations, please feel free to post them. As I said before, I'm clueless about runes. I'm very interesting in changing that, though, so help would be appreciated.
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